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6th Annual CdTe PV Workshop

On Oct. 20-21, 2022, the University of Toledo hosted US-MAC's 6th Annual CdTe PV Workshop, which provided an opportunity to further develop and strengthen the research community, clarify research needs, and identify new areas for collaborative research.

group photo of the attendees

Day 1: Presentation of Research Results

The following research results presentations were given on Thursday, Oct. 20, 2022.

First Solar UpdateBill Huber, First Solar
Update on Toledo Solar Activities—Rooftops and PV-IGUs Al Compaan et al., Toledo Solar
CTF Solar GmbH
Bastian Siephchen, CTF Solar
NSG Group Update to 6th Annual CdTe Workshop Kevin Sanderson, NSG
Vitro Flat Glass, LLC Company Overview James McCamy, Vitro Flat Glass
Progress at nexTC Corporation
Cory Perkins, nexTC
Update of Photovoltaic CdTe Development at Sivananthan Laboratories, Inc.
Alex Goldstone, Sivananthan Labs
Progress Update on Thin-Film Metrology Systems Greg Horner, Tau Sciences
Modeling of CdSeTe Device Properties and Operation Dmitry Krasikov, First Solar
National Laboratories and Universities
Opportunities to Increase Te SupplySarah Hayes, U.S. Geological Survey
Tellurium in the Copper Supply Chain Michael Moats, Missouri S&T
Monocrystalline CdSe for Si-based Tandem Applications: Its Potential and Challenges Yong-Hang Zhang et al., Arizona State University
Ex-Situ Doping of CdTe Using Solution Based Processes Feng Yan, University of Alabama
P and N-Type Doping of Single Crystal CdTe, CdSeTe Santosh Swain, Washington State University
Distinguishing Bulk and Surface Recombination by Measuring and Modeling Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics Jason Baxter, Drexel University
Characterization of CdTe InterfacesCraig Perkins, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Modeling, Machine Learning, and Characterization of Defects and Dopants in Cd(Se,Te) Maria K. Chan et al., Argonne National Laboratory
Surface Photovoltage Spectroscopy: Shining New Light on Back Contacts Michael Scarpulla and Nathan Rock, University of Utah
Band Tails in Cd(Se,Te) Device Models Marco Nardone, Bowling Green State University
Selenium Defects and Low Temperature DynamicsMariana Bertoni, Arizona State University
Understanding CdSe Diffusion in CdTe Solar Devices Kurt L. Barth, Loughborough University
Progress in CdSeTe Absorber and Arsenic Doping W.S. Sampath, Colorado State University
Design and Fabrication of CdTe PERC Solar CellsHeayoung Yoon, University of Utah
Fabrication and Characterizations for Efficient CdTe-Based Solar Cells at University of Toledo Dengbing Li, University of Toledo
Greening an Already Green Technology – Embodied Energy and Carbon in CdTe and Si PVMatt Reese, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Day 2: Road Mapping and Tours

On Friday, Oct. 21, 2022, principal CdTe researchers participated in a discussion on research directions structured around the main themes and challenges (front interface, absorber, etc.) to update the CdTe PV Technology Roadmap.

Other attendees joined tours of the University of Toledo's Center for Photovoltaics Innovation and Commercialization, First Solar, and Toledo Solar.